French Origin Guaranteed eco-design eyewear

Eyewear made with the greatest care,
in the Jura,
ocusing on comfort and quality.
Striking design,
and strong character.

Oh alright then, you look friendly enough, we’ll tell you a bit more…

Produce less, and above all, produce better

How can we look after the planet
while continuing to enjoy life?
When it comes to responsible consumption,
we know you're already doing a lot,
and for that... respect!
Our own aim was
to help you in this noble cause.
So, with all our enthusiasm
and determination,
we decided to concoct
eco-responsible products for you, but not just that!
And to do it all with the firm conviction
that we can always
go further in terms of eco-design.

Lunettes Bref

What if your glasses were eco-responsible and stylish?

Just because we consume responsibly
doesn't mean we want to go incognito.

This idea is precisely the opposite:
to make sure we use our creativity to
facilitate eco-responsible products, OK,
but with a contemporary, striking,
and assertive design,

amazing shapes and fascinating materials and colours.

Responsibility, yes,
with a product you can count on!


What if we even told you that they've been awarded the French Origin Guaranteed label,
and are made in the Jura, less than 30 km from the place where they were designed?
So yes, we're reducing their carbon footprint.
And just to let you know, we benefit from the collaboration of outstanding eyewear makers,
advice from fantastic, experienced and passionate manufacturers,
and production that is both manual and expertly controlled to the nearest millimetre.

What if they were made from recycled materials ... And even more

From conception of our eyewear to its end of life,
all of our decisions are governed by our desire
to care for the planet and its inhabitants.
So of course we favor healthy,
recycled, bio-sourced materials.

But we also recover our production waste,
reduce our energy consumption,
limit our stokcs to avoid over-production and therefore waste,
and work hard to make our models sustainable.
In short, we ask ourselves tons of questions
so you have less of them to ask yourself

What if we listened to you

It is possible, essential even
This is the key to making products that truly work for you
Because there's no greater waste
than models that are never worn.

So we listen to your wishes in order to produce less and truly meet your needs.
From time to time, we will seek your opinions via our social media channels
or this website.

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