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Consume less, consume better…
We're not going to lie,
expecting consumers
to save the planet is a bit too easy…
We know you're already doing a lot,
and for that... respect!
Our role is to help you in this noble cause.

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Offering eco-responsible frames isn't just about choosing recycled materials. No.

Eco-design means asking ourselves a simple but important question at each stage of our eyewear production:

how can we reduce our impact on the environment?
From its conception to end of life,
all our decisions are governed by our desire to care for the planet and its inhabitants.
So, we favour healthy, recycled, bio-sourced materials,
recover our production waste, reduce our energy consumption,
listen to your wishes to produce less and give you what you're looking for,
work hard to make our models sustainable,
and help create a second life for our frames once they're no longer required.

In short, we ask ourselves tons of questions,
so you have less of them to ask yourself.

With great credentials: French Origin Guaranteed (the Rolls Royce of Made in France ;)) *
And no more than 20 miles between us and our manufacturing partners.
In short, the journey is... very short!
It must be said that being in the Haut-Jura,
the birthplace of French eyewear, we're in a fortunate position.
So yes, it really reduces the carbon footprint of our frames.
But it also allows us to benefit from the collaboration of outstanding eyewear makers,
advice from fantastic, experienced and passionate manufacturers,
and production that is both manual and expertly controlled to the nearest millimetre.
And in just 10 minutes we can drop in to brief them, discuss concepts,
exchange ideas, check and correct things, etc.
In short, keep moving forward...

* Label obtained following audits carried out by certification bodies. The essential characteristics of a product must be created in France and between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price of the product must be acquired in France. Psssst, at BREF, we're at xx%, not bad eh? Because we use bio-sourced acetate expertly made in Italy, and nose pads produced in Germany.

Psssst, chez BREF, on est à xx%, pas mal non ? Parce que nous utilisons de l’acétate bio-sourcé savam-ment réalisé en Italie, et des plaquettes fabriquées en Allemagne..

- 86% recycled metal. Why not 100%? It's a question of flexibility and comfort. This is the most we could offer to give you eco-responsible, reliable and comfortable frames to wear - and that's an eyewear maker's promise!

- Bio-sourced acetate from renewable* and biodegradable materials. Did you know? Acetate is traditionally made from cotton, which is highly water-intensive (it takes 27,000 litres of water to grow 1 kg of cotton).

- Recycled, upcycled acetate, recovered from our own scrap. Making a pair of glasses generates 80% waste... So reusing it goes without saying, right?

- Nose pads made from MEM which is phthalate-free, without hormone disrupting chemicals and no risk of allergies or discomfort.

Are you familiar with the concept of planned obsolescence?

This is the highly bizarre strategy of designing a product to fail in exactly X years' time.

This is crazy for the planet... Because as well as having to manufacture the new product we also have to throw the old one away.

For us, the idea is more the opposite. Our frames are designed to be more easily repairable and durable. And the 5-year warranty isn't an optional extra...

We think about the size of our collections,

how often we launch new products,
their construction, their colours, and so on.
In short, we design all our glasses so we can reduce
our consumption of water, energy, coatings and materials.


En tant que jurassiens, on est forcément attaché
à nos montagnes. Nous sommes aujourd’hui fiers
d’accompagner Mountain Wilderness.
Cette association regorge de motivation et de bonnes idées
pour soutenir l’économie montagnarde
et veiller au respect de ces espaces naturels.
Donner, c’est bien, mais l’important est de participer non ?
Alors oui, nous sommes mécènes de cette belle association,
mais nous participons également à certaines de leurs actions.


We all have drawers full of old pairs of glasses.
Wouldn't they be more useful on somebody's nose?
Yes, but how do we make that happen? It's easy, just... donate them.
So you can do this, we've held talks with the different parties involved,
and give their addresses as well as terms and conditions here !