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If you're here, it's because you've embraced the idea that buying a good pair of glasses renowned for their quality will allow you to keep them for longer. A very logical move. To ensure this is the case, we research the best processes, we test them, and we constantly make improvements. But we also count on you to look after them. And because we're nice (I'm sure you'll agree), we'll give you some advice.

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It seems obvious but avoid putting them in your pocket as you could sit on them,
or directly in your bag next to keys where they'll all too easily get scratched. 
When you're not using them, or when you take them with you, put them in their case.
It's been specially designed to protect them. 
This will mean you don't lose them, go and buy a spare pair, and then find the originals.
Are you wearing them and just need to take them off for a few minutes? Place them carefully next to you (removing them with both hands is better). 
Above all, don't perch them on your head or hang them from your shirt collar (the temples can get bent outwards and the lenses damaged).

Let's face it, we've all wiped our glasses on our T shirt, jumper or cardigan. 
A sure-fire way of getting micro-scratches…
For daily cleaning, just remember one word: microfibre cloth (OK that's two…). 
To remove marks and specks, odon't go at it with your fingernail,
it will only make matter worse : use water (lukewarm or cold), and if that doesn't work, add a little soap.
You can also do this when returning from an afternoon at the beach, for example, to get rid of potential grains of sand or traces of sea salt.
Most important of all, never use alcohol or excessively harsh products. At most, a cleaning spray recommended by your optician and nothing more!

What bad habits ? 

- Chewing the ends of your glasses, for example. Sure, they're hidden behind your ears, but that's no reason to do it.
- And of course when taking them off, always put the lenses face-up to avoid scratches.
- Lastly, don't put them in your back pockets (or side ones either) because before you know it, oops, you've already sat on them. And that will definitely break them.

- Leaving your glasses in the car when it's hot (behind the windscreen, in the glove box, in the boot (basically anywhere!) is a bad idea.
- Leaving them next to the fireplace or radiator in the middle of winter is a bad idea.
- Cleaning them in boiling water is a very bad idea.

Glasses (both frames and lenses) don't do well in high temperatures, or in excessive temperature variations.

«I left my glasses on the roof of the car and drove off; they must be on the road somewhere." "I put them on the floor for a minute while I was picking up the post, I turned around and… stood on them». «The dog ate them».

Hard to believe, but all of these gems did actually happen.
And to be honest, we've even done some of them ourselves…
So we're not immune.
So we're not immune. It's difficult to advise you on how to avoid these situations ;
just remember that your glasses are as fragile as your mobile phone (if not more so), and as important as your wallet. That should help.

To repair or retighten your glasses, find the best microfibre cloth, or when you're not sure how to clean them… your optician will be your best ally.